Alternate wash and dry modes instantly!

Turned up to maximum:

It becomes a powerful cleaning tool by combining water and air.

In the middle position:

It is a powerful air jet that allows to :
Remove dust and residues from the smallest of corners or dry the cleaned surfaces.

Brush, wash, clean and dry

Washes without stripping

60 times less water than a high pressure cleaner

One head for multiple accessories

PPE and equipment for fire fighters

Zelup 3 allows, in complete safety, to thoroughly clean the equipment of fire fighters: helmets, SCBA, lance, hose…
This tool can be used on the scene of a fire, on training sites or in fire stations.

– Works with and without additives –

Technical specifications

Water tank: 10 L
Flexible: 3 metres
Water pressure: 0,5 to 2 bar
Air pressure: 1,5 bar
Power: 1,8 kW
Additive tank: 1 L
Additive mix: 3 – 6 %
Voltage : 230v single phase


High speed washing solution, it has washing, brushing and drying functions.


Because of its unique technology, it consumes only a small amount of water.


Easy to install and suitable for indoor use, it does not flood the space where it is used.


Designed in high quality material, ultra-resistant and shock-resistant.

Product information

Download/view our product sheet in Adobe PDF format.

Zelup Gun is a professional cleaning material

Ergonomic, reliable and very robust, trust Zelup the brand leader in the sector !